Did you know that for each month off from school is an equivalent to losing two months of
grade level equivalency in both math and reading?

The average summer learning loss in math and reading amounts to one month per year!
Yes it is important for school to STOP for summer. Summer is a wonderful opportunity to
reconnect and reenergize yourself as well as a change in the routine.

Learning NEVER should Stop!

5 Tips to avoid the Summer Brain Drain

  1. Schedule trips to the library – take out books that are of interest to your children
  2. Read up on places your family will take vacations
    • a. Map it out – Great Geography lessons
    • b. Find out local historic landmarks and museums
    • c. Engage in local activities to explore their experiences with different cultures and regions of the country
  3. Take an enrichment class at a local summer camp or other organizations.
  4.  Take online classes in a subject matter your child wants to learn more about or re-learn subjects that were difficult for your child in the past year.
  5. Schedule one on one tutoring sessions with Focus Tutors to be ready and organized for the upcoming academic school year

We have small study groups, accountability partners with our Focus Tutors to help your child
continue to learn and stay on track and ready for the next academic school year.